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The following is a partial list of books we have for research and we will do free lookups. We will add more titles as we have time. Contact us via the e mail button on our home page.

History of Scituate, Massachusetts, 1633 to 1831, 1831, Samuel Deane
History Of The Town Of Duxbury, 1849, Justin Winsor
The Early Settlement of Bridgewater, Mass., 1840, Nahum Mitchell
Plymouth Colony, Its History & People, 1620-1691, Eugene Aubrey Stratton
History Of Jackson County, Michigan, 1881, Inter-State Publishing Company
History of Jefferson County, New York, 1878, L. H. Everts
Jefferson County, New York, 1898, Edgar C. Emerson
History Of Queensbury, New York, 1874, A. W. Holden, MD

The County Of Fulton, 1905, Thomas Mikesell
Cuyahoga County, Ohio, 1879, Crisfield Johnson
Geauga County General History, 1880, Historical Society of Geauga County
Geauga and Lake County History, 1876, Williams Brothers
Wayne County, Ohio, Pioneers and First Settlers, 1878, Ben Douglas
History Of Beaver County, 1904, Joseph H. Bausman
History Of Butler County, 1895, R. C. Brown & Company
History Of Erie County, 1884, Warner, Beers & Company
With Pen Or Sword, The Rutland Ripleys, 1979, Robert G. Steele

The Flowering of New England 1815-1865, 1940, E. P. Dutton
Westward Expansion, 1962, Ray Allen Billington
Genealogy Of A Part Of The Ripley Family, 1867, H. W. Ripley
The Walworths Of America, 1897, Clarence A. Walworth
Walrath Family Association Newsletter, #1 to #81, 1971 to Present
American Boyers, 7th Edition, Vol I. Donald A. Boyer
American Boyers, 7th Edition, Vol IV, Donald A. Boyer

Land & Property Research, 1997, E. Wade Hone
Redbook, American State, County & Town Sources, 1992, Alice Eichholz
U.S. Military Records, 1994, James C. Neagles
Religions Of America, 1963, Leo Rosten
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