In the year 1621, the ship "Mayflower" arrived on the New England coast near what is now known as Provincetown, Massachusetts, about 30 miles seaward from Plymouth, on the shores of Cape Cod Bay.

On April 26, 1638, the ship "Diligent," of 350 tons burden, set sail from the mouth of the Thames, east of London, England, bound for a new life in a new land. On August 10, 1638, that ship arrived in New England, near Boston. On board was 133 people, most neighbors from Old Hingham in England. They immediately set out for Hingham, about 14 miles southeast of Boston. Among these people were many families whose names would bring many generations to the new land. Some of those now familiar names were, Peck, Gilman, Gates, James, Cushing, Lincoln and of course Ripley.

William Ripley had arrived with his wife, whose name has been lost, and four children. The oldest child was Mary at age 22. Next was Phebe, 20 years old. Then came the two boys, John age 17 and Abraham, age 14. From this small family, the greatest number of Ripley's now in this land have descended.

As families grew and moved to new homes, eventually the Ripley's and descendants of the ship Mayflower, met and began new families together.

Our research has found many of these families but there are still more waiting to be "found." Although very incomplete, the following pages list some of those connections to the Mayflower passengers. Some families have multiple Mayflower ancestor connections.

If your ancestor is listed and you want the full family names that I have, send an E-mail from our address on the home page. If one of your ancestors in not in this list, they may still be in my files. I'll check if you ask. When new connections are found, they will be posted. Remember, only the first line of descendants are listed, many more are under them and are in my files. As with all genealogy information, you should always double check with your own sources.

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"The Mayflower Leaving English Shores"
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