Grace E. Hudler (Ripley) 1953
Walt in baseball uniform

amateur baseball teams in Jackson in the 1920's and was a Detroit Tigers
baseball fan." The car company that Walt worked for, was the Briscoe
Motor Corporation of Jackson, Michigan who manufactured cars there
in 1920 & 1921. The Briscoe brothers were important figures in the early
auto industry.

As for Walt's wife, Grandma Grace, she married Walt when she was 19
years old. She was a very good looking girl in her teens' and 20's.

Grandma Grace was always ready with a smile for the grandkids and had
a cheerful attitude. She had an old friend, a shoeshine man from
downtown Jackson, Michigan, that she talked to for hours, a Pete Demos,
who lived in the same apartment building as Grace. Many times on the way
home from school, Grandma Grace would sit in the window of her
apartment building, and wave to us kids as we walked home from school.

 I once asked her what her mothers name was and she said Lena, which was a nickname. Grandma Grace for all her smile's, enjoyed a nip of the spirits a little too much and her life was taken by a bleeding ulcer at the age of 66. She was buried in a beautiful pink colored cloth covered casket.

Grandpa Walter did have a soft spot in his heart as I learned over the years and in one
talk a I had with him, when I was a young teen in the 50's. One thing I remember
strongly, is that Grandpa loved nothing better than to have a big spoon of chicken
gravey on a slice of warm apple pie. Mary Ellen was a real specialist when it came to
southern fried chicken and that gravey that Grandpa Walt liked so much. I asked
Grandpa Walt why he and Grandma Grace didn't live together. He said that one night
he woke up and Grandma was standing over him with a knife. I have kept that talk
secret for over 45 years. I didn't even tell Dad. Why Walt never divorced Grandma
Grace is an unanswered question, money I would guess. I do know that Grandpa
Walt and Grandma Grace both liked to drink, too much and too often. It had a lasting
 effect on how my Dad felt about them.

Often when Grandpa Walt talked, it was with a very gruff sounding voice. He wasn't
mean or mad but rather he often spoke in that manner to add emphasis to the point
he was trying to make. There was no doubt that Grandpa, whether he was right or
wrong, firmly believed in the opinions he spoke about.

In Walt's retirement, he lived one time at Roscommon, Michigan, in the northern part of the state, where he was working on a home owned by a friend. He moved back to Jackson about 1964, where he lived the rest of his days at 719 Ganson Street, with Mary Ellen or "Mae" as most knew her. When Walt passed away on August

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