Solar Power

At the right on my roof in Utah are six Siemens SR100's and six Kyocera 120-1 panels. Total rating is 1320 watts or about 7.9 KW for a full sunny day. Actual production is based on what I used the previous night or during the current day. The panel shadow from the air cooler at the right, disappears at about 10 AM in the winter and a little later in mid summer.

Pictured below is the control panel for the solar system. There is at least one outlet in each room, with 120 volts AC from the solar system. I still have power from commercial mains in the house, but there are no common connections except ground.

The three yellow and gray boxes below are the 120 volt inverters. One is 1 KW for standby, 1.8 KW for lights and 1.8 KW for the fridge or furnace blower. Each 1.8 KW true sine wave inverter is rated 2.9 KW for 5 seconds for motor starting. A 3.6 KW (5.6 KW surge) gasoline generator has a tie in to this system if needed for 120 volts and another generator tie in is for 12 volts at 30 amps for emergency battery charging.

If either 1.8 KW inverter should fail, the other can be immediately switched in to run the whole system, underpowered but operable while repairs are made. The small white box between the power panels is a Trace 60 amp charge regulator which has seen close to 70 amps charging at times, but 55 to 60 amps is more common. The large white box at the left is a 250 amp disconnect for the batteries. Also in the same box are breakers for 12 volts at 60 amps which powers my ham radio gear. All other household power is 120 volts provided by the inverters. The 1 KW inverter is to provide lighting only in an emergency if both main inverters should fail. Either large inverter of the generator can be switched in as the primary power source. While this system is not meant to replace the commercial power, it has run the whole house many times and is the only power for my ham radio. I use from 800 watts to about 3 KW from this system as supplimental power on most days.

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