We Believe Our Lineage Is....

The following is what we now believe our family lineage to be. Although the names of the children of Asa Ripley, Jr., have not yet been discovered in records, the sex and ages on available census reports agrees with those of the discoverd children. We have not been able to recover the name of one girl in the family. We believe that one or both parents in this family died and the children moved together to near Cleveland, Ohio, where they all married and dispersed in different directions.

William Ripley, 1555-1619/20 England to Massachusetts
John Ripley, 1621/22 England to Massachusetts
John Ripley, 1656/57 - 1720 Massachusetts
Hezekiah Ripley, 1693-1736 Massachusetts
John Ripley, 1719/20-1778 Massachusetts/Rhode Island/New York
Asa Ripley, Sr., 1760-1842 Rhode Island/New York
Asa Ripley, Jr., 1784-1829 New York
Charles Ripley, 1808-1883 New York/Ohio/Michigan
Jacob W. Ripley, 1839-1919 Michigan
Walter Harrison Ripley, 1888-1967, Michigan
Raymond Walter Ripley, 1914- living, Michigan

For the story of Charles Ripley and his many descendants, go to "Charles Ripley's Descendants" from the home page.

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