My Telescopes

Pictured at the right is a venerable 2.4 inch refractor and German equatorial mount I purchased from Sears in the 1960's. As my first scope, it taught me much. Below at the left, is a 3.5 inch F/13.9 Maksutov-Cass by Orion. Only 30 seconds out the door and on an object if I'm in a hurry.

At the right is my latest scope, a Meade LX-90, 8 inch Schmidt/Cass telescope with AutoStar. It's computer driven and has over 30,000 objects in its data base. Sometimes I like nothing better than to scan the Milky Way with just simple binoculars and ponder if something is out there looking back at us and asking themselves the same questions. Someplace in all those billions of galaxies and billions of stars, there must be. Good golly what a thought!  Wonder what James T. Kirk thinks of that?

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Excuse my using this midi version of the Star Trek theme but it just seems to fit here.