My Antique Radio's

Silvertone Model 4564
Circa 1936

Sparton Model 536

Atwater Kent Model 165

Crosley Model 628-B

Silvertone Model 4587

Pictured above are my three oldest radios, all working. Click on the picture for a large picture and more information on each radio.

In the upper right corner, is a special radio for me. My Dad owned one just exactly like it many years ago, and he kept this radio on top of the kitchen fridge. It brought us many of the old time radio shows at meal time and later in the evenings. I can recall listening to the first "Rock N Roll" on this radio, a full half hour show every weekday evening, "Hoppy's Record Review." As a teen I had rhuematic fever and had to stay indoors much of the time. My Dad let me take his Crosley up to my bedroom where I listened to the ham radio operators at night. That Crosley radio helped me on my way to a lifelong interest in radio for which I am truly thankful. After much searching I found the Crosley pictured, in the State of Oregon. It was not working at the time and after hearing how important it was to me, the owner Bruce Lindner, presented it to me as a gift. After some careful work, I was able to bring it back to life. Thanks many times over to you again, Bruce!

To the right is a Silvertone Console Model 4587, 3 band, built in 1936. While still in high school at Vandercook Lake in Michigan, I bought this radio from an old TV repairman for $3.00 and hauled it home in a toy wagon, so it's been my friend for over 50 years now. Now for the second time, I have given it a new lease on life by replacing all it's aged capacitor and resistors, and at the age of 69 in 2006, it's still playing, not at my home in Utah.

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