Charles named one daughter Chloe. John also named one daughter Chloe.
Charles named one daughter Edith Amelia and John named one daughter Amelia.
John named one son Charles, possibly after his brother Charles.
John named one daughter Ellen, 4 years after Austin Ripley married Ellen Varey in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
Charles and his wife Diana, each name a child after their fathers. Charles named his 1st born son Asa, after his father Asa, and their 2nd son, Jacob, after Diana's father Jacob Walroth.
Charles named one daughter Elizabeth, possibly after his mother Elizabeth Odell, her maiden name.
Charles named one son William as did Austin. One of Asa Ripley Jrs brothers was named William.
Charles named on son Alfred H., possibly after his sister Pamelias husband, Alfred Harris.
Charles named one daughter Mary, possibly after his Aunt Mary or Grandmother Mary. John named one daughter Mary.
Asa Ripley Jr., who I believe to be Charles Ripleys father, married Elizabeth Odell. Elizabeth had an Uncle named Austin Odell who also lived in Warren County, New York. Austin Ripley might have been named after him.
There were three Austins. Austin Odell, Elizabeths uncle, Austin Ripley, Charles Ripleys brother, and Austin Ripley, Charles Ripleys son.
The 1820 Federal Census of Warren County, New York, gives the age ranges for Asa Ripley Jrs family of wife, plus 4 boys and 2 girls. Charles, Austin, John, Palmer and Pamelia each fit into their respective age group given. One girl is missing.
Asa Ripley Jr., was still living in 1829 when he signed documents with his wife in Galen, Wayne County, New York. Both Asa and Elizabeth signed with their marks. Neither Asa or his wife can be found on the 1830 census.

So, Asa Ripley Jr., possibly died about 1829, but he could have simply moved in with some other family and thus would not have appeared in the 1830 census. Two of Asa's brothers did also move to Michigan. William Ripley moved to Branch County in 1840 but apparently died there in 1846. A David Ripley, possibly Asa's brother, was living in Branch County in 1840 but apparently died before 1850. David may have been the reason William moved there. Williams youngest son, Ansel C. Ripley, age 10 in 1850, was found living with another family in Branch County, where his mother re-married.