Some Thoughts

One big thing about our lineage bothers me. I have been unable to establish proof of the parents and sibblings of Charles Ripley, although I believe I am correct for many reasons. Through several years of looking here and there, it is my belief that I have assembled the correct data on the family of Charles Ripley, born March 20, 1808 in New York and died December 18, 1883 in Grass Lake, Jackson County, Michigan.

Since I have lived in Utah for more than 20 years now, I have not been able to do some of the on site investigative work that still needs to be done on this family in Michigan, Ohio and even New York state.

The family I have assembled for Charles Ripley is mostly guesswork on part my and maybe shaky at that, but it is based on many years of working with these long gone relatives. After looking at some of the things I have put together, one might conclude that I am indeed correct or maybe not.

When I started out, nobody in my immediate family including my father, had any clue as to who was the father of my great grandfather, Jacob W. Ripley, born February 28, 1839, Grass Lake Township, Jackson County, Michigan. In this treatment of my findings, I will omit much in trying to keep this as short as possible.

Once I found Charles Ripley, living in Jackson County, Michigan and who his children were, I found that he had been married on December 28, 1834 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio near Cleveland. I have searched some tax records there with no results. I have tried to follow the Justice who married them to attempt to find out where they lived but have found nothing else so far. While doing my searching, I came across some other Ripleys living in Cuyahoga County, and at first gave them only a passing glance after recording their names.

Now, skipping much research and many nights of laying in bed thinking, I offer this. The following are reasons for me to believe that I have gathered together a family for Charles Ripley. I have never found any documents that says these people are related, or if they knew each other or even if they were friends. Please assume that these people are related when reading this. See what you think.
Charles Ripley, born March 20, 1808 is proven. We know he is our ancestor through records. Four who I think were brother and sister are Charles, Austin, John and Pamelia Ripley. All have stated on separate census reports that they were born in New York State and that their parents were also.

Palmer Ripley was found while I was searching records of the Bureau of Land Management. He bought 40 acres of land on the same day as Charles bought his 40 acres, and his land was exactly 1 mile east of where Charles lived. His age matched that of one of the missing brothers and I assume him to be a brother. No other records of Palmer have been located.

Charles, Austin and Pamelia were all once in Cuyahoga County, Ohio near Cleveland. All three married in Cuyahoga County. The fourth person who I believe belongs as a sibbling in this family, is John Ripley, who I found living only about 8 miles north of Charles in Bunkerhill Township.

Next door to this John Ripley, lived a William Galbraith Jr., son of William Galbraith Sr., of New York. The William Jr., had a brother, James, who married Betsey Ripley, Charles Ripleys daughter, thus providing a possible connection between John and Charles Ripley. Families who lived together, often moved together and then lived together in another state.

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