A Quick Story

Our story begins with Charles Ripley, the first of our line who came to Michigan. He was born in New York State, March 20. 1808. The new nation was just a few years old and President George Washington had died only 8 years before. It was a time of great expansion for the nation. People were beginning to move further inland from the Atlantic Coast. His future home in Michigan was still a territory, not yet a state.

As a young man in his twentys, Charles made his way to Ohio, around the City of Cleveland. There he married Diana Walroth, who was born April 7, 1819 in New York State. They were married on December 28, 1834, in Cuyahoga County, by William Burton, a Justice of the Peace. There in Ohio, their first child, Asa, was born on February 10, 1836. After that, sometime about 1837, they pulled up stakes and headed for Michigan. It is not yet known where they first settled, but November 10, 1840, Charles bought his first 40 acre farm, in Grass Lake, Michigan, and built a log cabin for his young family.

Their second son, Jacob, had been born, February 28, 1839, in Grass Lake Township, Jackson County, in Michigan. During the Civil War, Jacob married Minerva Waters, born about February 1848 in possibly Wisconsin. Word has been passed down that it was in Wisconsin where Jacob and Minerva married, on December 3, 1863. On July 13, 1862, Jacob had been taken prisoner of war by Southern forces, at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and shortly thereafter was paroled. He re-entered the service under an assumed name, James Rogers, until the end of the war.

Typical 1830's log cabin.

After returning to Michigan, and living at two different places in Jackson County, Jacob and Minerva settled on a small farm at Leslie, Michigan, in Ingham County. Their family grew until child number 10 was born. He was Walter Harrison Ripley, born May 22, 1888, in Leslie. On February 20, 1913, he married Grace Evelyn Hudler, born June 28, 1893, in Munith, Michigan. Walter worked as a lineman for a telephone company in Ingham County and he was also a test driver for the Briscoe Auto Company, which was built in Jackson between the years 1914 to 1921. Walter also worked as a machinist.

Walters second son was Raymond Walter Ripley, born September 18, 1914 in Leslie, Michigan. Raymond married Grace Wyonia Boyers, born July 1, 1915, in Canandiagua, Michigan. There were married in Jackson, on September 24, 1938. One of Raymonds cars was a 1929 Essex, pictured at the left, in front of the family home on Edgewood Street in Jackson. It had a four cyclinder engine and a whole whopping 55 horsepower.!

From Raymond and Grace have come six children. Michael, Brian, Dennis, Steven, Philip and Karen. From this family many more were soon to follow. Return to our Home Page and go to Charles Ripley's  Descendants for the whole gang.

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