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checking his trap line. Grandmother Hudler and most of her children lived around Leslie and Bunkerhill. Her children were, sons Matthew and Corneilous. Daughters Minnie, Corneilia, Ida, Jean, Inex, Doris, Catherine, Grace and Cecil.
The Ripley children lived around Leslie and they were Sons Herbert, Harvey, Walter, Jessie. Daughters Jennie, Julia and Josephine. My grandparents Ripley both died in 1919 so I don't have to many memories of them.
We lived in Leslie about six years and I went to school on the corner of Meeker and Woodworth Streets. We lived on a farm on Eden Road, northeast of Leslie and I went to school at North Leslie (Teaspoon Corners) for two years.
My brother Henry, was born in 1923. We lived at Pleasant Lake for a while and I went to a country school at the corner of Berry Road and highway 106.
Moved to Jackson, lived on East Trail Street and went to Pearl Street school; Prospect Street and went to Helmer School, corner of Francis and Prospect.
It was while we lived here (July 1925) that my mother had twin boys who were named Keith S.,
and Kennith M.  Next lived on Wisner Street in 200 block, near Wildwood and went to
Bloomfield School.  Lived at 923 S. Jackson Street and went to T. A. Wilson School. Lived on
Wren Street and went to Francis Street School where McCullock school is now. Lived at 240
West Wesley in an apartment building and went to West Intermediate School.
We then moved to Pontiac, Michigan and lived at 1 Ruth Street, just east of Telegraph Road,
and I went to an elementary school in walking distance. My father worked at Fisher Body then.
It was while we lived there that we had our first radio, a crystal set with two sets of ear phones.
The station was only about a mile from our house so we could get good reception.  Also while
there, my father (Walter) began building a plane. When he had the fuselage nearly finished, he
sold it. He also built our first real radio (a eight tube superhetrodine model). When he was laid
off from his job, we moved back to Jackson and he worked at the Sparks Withington Horn
plant.  We moved to East Jackson to Gunnison Gardens on Fairy Lane Avenue. I started school
the fall of 1929 at the start of the Great Depression. My father only worked occasionally at part
time jobs. He worked on the WPA, a Federal work program. We also got some surplus food.
My mother had a baby girl who died at birth (Mary Ann, 1929). My parents had many marital
problems during the early 1930's and life wasn't very good for us boys. Both Mother and Dad
would go to beer gardens, but not together, and they grew further apart as time went on.
I will have to go back some now, and say that my twin brothers both died very young. Keith
died September 29, 1925 and Kennith died November 19, 1926.
I made many friends during my four years at East Jackson School, but my best friend was
Gerald Boyers and also his family. They lived on the corner of Dettman and Gregory Roads and
later on Gregory Road at Fairyland Avenue. We had many good times hunting, hiking, skiing and
playing ball and other games, with all the kids in the surrounding area.
I played basketball, football and baseball in high school and Gerald did also. We never were
outstanding, but we won our share of the games and always give it our best effort.

Raymond and younger brother Henry J.