Amateur Radio


Weber County

Ogden Utah, USA

Brian, about 1995

Rig: Kenwood TS-570DG
Ameritron ALS-600 Amp
Antennas: Inverted V's

In about 1951, while living in my birthplace of Jackson, Michigan at age 10, I came down with Rhuematic Fever. While regaining health I was given a crystal radio kit. It consisted of a cardboard tube with the tuning coil, a cat whisker for the diode, a piece of tin formed as a slider bar for tuning on the coil, headphones and a length of antenna and ground wire. Keeping that slider and catwhisker both in contact was trying at times but the reward came when the AM stations were heard. That was my introduction to the world of radios.

After many years of being an avid SWL, I received my ham ticket in 1966 as WN8VHG, having as my Elmer, Dave Weese, WA8LWB. Several years later, after passing the 20 wpm code test, I became K8BR.

My favorite operating pasttime is working the SSB nets of the 3905 Century Club on the 160, 75 and 40 meters bands. For lots of info on the Century Club, go to their Web site listed below. Also go to the ARRL for more info on becoming a ham. Being a Night Owl, I can usually be found working one of these nets late at night, during the cold winter months.

Brian D Ripley - 5135 South, 1225 West - Riverdale, Utah 84405

73's, Brian

Please visit my shortwave radio web site:

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