Name Use Policy

Because of the need to consider privacy of certain types of information, we have develped the following guidelines for use when it comes to names, dates, locations or events, of living persons used on the Web site.

If a name, date, location or event, has been released as public information, then that information wil be considered as usable. This would include the following types of announcements. Newspaper birth listings, baptisims, graduations, weddings, divorces, anniversaries, yearbooks, city directories, death notices, libraries, the Web or Internet, commercial genealogy CD's, or any government or public agency where information is legally obtainable.

Specific requests from individuals that their information not be used, will be considered.

The intent of the Web site is as stated in our "Purpose" on our home page. We wish only to gather information that may have once been widely dispersed, and bring all that information together in a common point, and to make that information as accurate as is possible, and to pass it on to others as a rememberance of our ancestors and our own lives. It is hoped that all persons will understand our goal, and the goal of all genealogists, to join in the effort to present a full and accurate story of our families, for all of our relatives and other interested persons of the future.